The Uganda Women’s Health Initiative (UWHI) is a collaborative organisation focusing on improving women’s health in Uganda.

Since 2005, the UWHI has performed incredibly important work in Uganda, to save the lives of newborn babies, women during childbirth and women threatened by cancer, as well as providing essential training, equipment and hospital buildings.

One of our major successes has been our cervical cancer screening programme. In the UK, cancer of the cervix is largely prevented, thanks to free cervical smears and vaccinations, and it’s now an increasingly rare disease for women in the UK.

In Uganda, it’s a different story. Cervical cancer is the biggest cancer killer amongst women in Uganda, with over 2,400 women dying from the disease, and over 3,500 diagnosed with it, each year.

Without action, these cases will rise. Predictions suggest that by 2025 there could be over 6,400 women a year in Uganda diagnosed with cervical cancer and over 4,200 deaths annually.  However, it is a largely preventable disease and we want to prevent any more unnecessary deaths and suffering.

Our work has already proved that by applying prevention methods, we can successfully reduce instances of cervical cancer in Uganda. One of our key priorities now, working with the Ministry of Health in Uganda, is to roll out cervical cancer screening so that all Ugandan women have the chance to be screened by 2020.

It’s a big challenge, but with your help to raise the funds required to continue the team effort, we believe it is achievable and will help save the lives of thousands of women each year.

Throughout our website you can find out more about what we’ve achieved so far and our hopes and aims for the future. Most importantly, discover how you can play a crucial part in helping and supporting our life-saving work.